I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) with a mission to help people experience the joys of creating meaningful, fulfilling relationships in all areas of their lives.

In addition to receiving my coach training from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), I have a master's degree in International Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a B.A. in English from Barnard College.

If you’re experiencing a relationship challenge and you’re committed to changing the dynamic, contact me by clicking the tab below and let’s set up a time to discuss how I can help.


Rebecca was an INCREDIBLE Coach! She really helped me to step outside of my comfort zone and face my fear of conflict and confrontation. She also encouraged me to stand up for myself through speaking my truth while staying true to my values! She always had my best interest at heart which was very comforting. I would recommend Rebecca as a coach any day!
— Stacy G.
I got to know Rebecca and was attracted to her calmness and positive energy. I decided to take the Energy Leadership Index assessment and it has helped me understand my coping methods and attitudes towards the world in general. My mantra has become, “Every moment of the day, regardless of the circumstances, I get to choose joy.” My work with Rebecca has been life-changing.
— Ray H.
Rebecca helped me discover a new way of connecting with myself and choose my responses even when I feel overwhelmed and out of control. She showed me it is possible to not lose yourself in turbulent moments and relations, and come on the other side feeling strong, centered and calm. Rebecca helped me understand I can count on me...and being my own friend is a fabulous thing!
— Ana A.
Before I started coaching, I was dealing with a lot of low self-esteem. Every little thing that would get in my way seemed like a huge obstacle that was impossible to overcome. At the time I was trying to find a new job, the possibility that someone would want to hire me seemed once again impossible. My mind was controlling me in a way that was extremely limiting and I honestly didn’t even know where to begin to try to tackle that problem until a friend of mine recommended coaching and recommended Rebecca.

When I first started coaching with Rebecca, I realized she has this incredible way of explaining things that might be happening to you internally in such a comprehensible way. An internal process and dialogue that sometimes I couldn’t even put into words or fully understand until she explained to me. I found that her compassion and understanding made me want to be compassionate and understanding towards myself which I think was one of the most useful tools that she taught me throughout our sessions.

I think the most unexpected result from our sessions is seeing the actual change in myself. I noticed that I think differently and small inconveniences don’t seem so big anymore.

I really recommend Rebecca to everyone. She has helped me tremendously in more ways than one. Her life coaching style motivates you to want to change, but she will never criticize you if you’re not perfect. She makes you feel comfortable and safe to be honest with her about what is troubling you and will always give you practical ways to handle that situation. I genuinely feel that I have developed skills through life coaching that will help me for a long time to come.
— Danielle D.
Endless Gratitude and Awe”

I woke up this morning with the utmost gratitude and awe of the current state of my life.

It’s been three years since my first session with Rebecca. I have worked with her on and off since then.

Three years ago, I was completely directionless. I battled anxiety and depression and was collecting the broken pieces of myself from a toxic relationship that left me with innumerable unhealthy mental patterns and that deterred me in an endless spiral of poor habits, friends, and choices.

At that point, I not only had no clarity about what I wanted from life but also couldn’t fathom ever feeling peaceful, fulfilled and happy.

When Rebecca had mentioned she was a life coach to me, I knew I needed to sign up, but didn’t know even where to begin with addresses my issues – there were plenty to choose from!

I had tried therapy before, and it was not ideal for me, as in my experience it was a talk-it-out for an hour a week and repeat situation. I needed concrete tools and techniques. What I wanted was actionable help to propel change. Rebecca provided that for me.

With Rebecca’s concrete tools and techniques, she led me to confront what I was so desperate to run away from, myself. She introduced me to the notion of choosing to feel strength and positivity in the midst of dark moments. With positive affirmation and encouragement, Rebecca introduced me to a mind-blowing concept: that perhaps, my perspective was a choice, my attitude and habits were all things I could change, one step at a time. Image that.

Rebecca helped me devise a plan, held me accountable for making improvements, but most of all, advised me to be conscious of my negative patterns - and gave me the tools to observe them objectively and ultimately, to undo them. And guess what! I did it.

If you are ready to do the work, if you are serious about making a change, if you are ready to better yourself and be honest, Rebecca can help open the door for you to walk into your new life.

Today I live a life I dreamed up with Rebecca. I write this testimonial, as I was reminded by how far I’ve come when finding an old notebook filled with my goals, my observations, my achievements, setbacks, and progress while working with Rebecca. It’s amazing to look back on.

I am endlessly grateful for the guidance, the support, but most importantly, the tools she has given me. As a person who dealt with depression for most of my life, I did not think happiness and peace was attainable. I have that now. And I can’t believe I get to experience this!

Thank you, Rebecca, for changing my life! What I’ve learned with you will last a life time.

— Veronika G.
When I first met with Rebecca to explore career coaching, I was interviewing for several jobs and aggressively seeking advancement—wherever it took me. I felt this incredible pressure to pursue the next grade level. I met with her because I thought I needed help identifying my federal career path. What I discovered through coaching was something altogether different. Rebecca helped me identify my priority values and discover strategies for changing behaviors that distracted me from these values. Through coaching, I gained a greater self-awareness and a new level of enthusiasm and energy for my professional and personal pursuits. I saw an immediate change in how I interacted with leadership and how they responded to me. I was trusted with greater responsibility and more opportunities to learn. On top of it all, Rebecca is absolutely amazing! She’s an exceptional listener and the model of professionalism as well as being incredibly warm and compassionate. She’s a gift to our agency and for our employees open to self-discovery.
— Jenifer M.