Be a Happy Baby!


You might be wondering why there’s a picture of a smiling baby on his back holding his feet in his hands. There’s a simple explanation for this. He’s being a happy baby. Anyone who has taken a yoga class knows what this is. It’s literally called "happy baby pose", or Ananda Balasana in Sanskrit. Ananda = blissful, pure bliss; Bala = baby; Asana = pose. Truly, this baby is in a state of blissful happiness and calm.

If you have children or have observed other peoples’ you would know that this is what babies do. They grab their feet in their hands and gurgle, smile, and coo, as if to marvel, “Look at my feet, how they fit right into my little hands! I love how I can hold my little feet!” It’s such a simple act, but a powerful reminder of our true state of being. How do I know this?

Think about it this way; babies do this naturally, spontaneously, and without care or concern for who might be watching. They don’t stop to ask permission, question whether it’s the right time, the right place, or whether they ‘look good’ while they’re doing it. The baby doesn’t wonder things like, “Am I good enough...attractive enough to enjoy the simple pleasure of holding my feet and smiling?”

What this baby is doing is demonstrating the natural state of human happiness, contentment, and self-love. Babies are an emotional and mental ‘clean slate’ when it comes to self-love. And then what happens? The baby grows up and over time learns to be self-conscious, to feel shame, anxiety, and fear, and unlearns self-love and self-confidence from the people and events that shape his experience.

If you struggle with confidence or self-loving feelings, Here’s my challenge to you: Take out your baby pictures—even if you have just one. If you don’t have one baby picture you can Google happy baby images and use your imagination.

Really take some time to look at the smiling baby and remember that this is the essence of who you truly are. Remember that at some point very early on, you unlearned self-love. The good news is that it's still there, inside of you, waiting, wanting to be tapped. No one can take this love away from you, because it is who you are, naturally.

What would change for you if you really believed that your true nature is blissful happiness and calm?